Thursday, May 10, 2012

Wow!   It's sure been busy around here and I apologize for being a slacker blogger, but once I start getting all the crafts up here, I think you'll understand I've been busy doing and not being lazy, lol.  It's spring and that means cleaning, decluttering, crafting, gardening and all kinds of fun things, around here.  What have you been up to?

As mentioned, there are an abundance of projects I have to share with you all, and will get them up as time allows.  Here's one of the most recent.

Dolly Diaper Bag

I belong to a group of wonderful ladies who are making doll items each month so they will have an entire set of items to donate to some precious little girl at the end of the year.  Most of the things they do are swaps.  The April swap was to make a dolly diaper bag for them to put all their handmade goodies inside (and include three 3" prayer squares to go into the dolly blanket).  I was so blessed to gift to a new friend, Bekah, and appreciate her sharing her photos with me and the group as well.

For this project, I decided to kill two birds with one stone and used a Pinterest pin as inspiration.  The original website it came from is Mommy By Day/Crafter By Night and you can read about her inspiration and get the FREE PATTERN for this project HERE!

As you can see (after you visit her blog), I made a couple of little changes.  I didn't use fusible fleece, instead chose a sturdy interfacing for the fabric.  I also decided to add some fun little pockets.  There are two pockets on the front and two on the back (both with ruffle).  To make these, I cut 2 pieces of the complimentary fabric in 8x11" size and folded them in half to fit the length.  Then I cut 2 extra straps and using a bias stitch, I ruffled them up.  I did sew these to the pockets before I attached the panel and interfacing.  Then when that "piece" was finished, I stitched the lines for the pockets, from top to ruffle, then from ruffle to bottom (so, after I stitched the panel pieces with interfacing, but BEFORE I put all the pieces together to make the bag shell).

Here are two more pics to enjoy!  It was such an easy project to complete and I hope that if you have "little mommies" in your life that you can find the time to whip up one of these delightful dolly diaper bags.

 So, keep enjoying your crafts and I hope you can share something soon.  I'll have a bunch to share in the near future!

Keep Craftin'!