Saturday, October 6, 2012

Pink and Ruffly!!!

Hi all!  Thanks for you patience as I continue to work through issues here and also try to get my projects listed.  :) 

Here's an order I had last Christmas.  My friend was looking for something for her niece and we wanted ruffles and ribbons, buttons and bows.  And of course it HAD to be pink!  :)

These were two different pieces that we made in matching yarn (patterns were not part of a set). 

The first piece made was the scarf.  The pattern is called, Ruffled Double Scalloped Scarf Crochet Pattern and can be found HERE.  It's $3.99 for the download. 

The hat, I'm sorry to say is a beanie but I did not get the pattern name written down in my notebook/computer files and so I cannot remember what it was.  :(    The flower was a separate component and once more, I didn't get the name.  I will go look to see if I can find the names for both at a future date.

The button I had on hand and the ribbon I purchased at Hobby Lobby, both sizes.

The yarn used for this project was Bernat Satin in Flamingo.  It was a promo color for the "pink" breast cancer promotion which my friend and I were able to get at a discount after October!  :)

The scarf pattern was really neat because you could make it as long as the person, so you can make this for anyone and it will be a good length for them.  :)

Here are some close-ups for you to enjoy!

More projects to come and when time allows will look up the hat and flower pattern!  :)