Saturday, June 29, 2013

ODB Designs June Challenge ~ Water

I haven't created any cards since Father's Day.  I have been in sewing-on-patches-mode for my son's Royal Rangers Gold Medal of Achievement ceremony this weekend.  It is similar to the Scouts' Eagle Scout Award.  (Yay, Trey! So proud of you!)

Alas, my poor fingers needed a break from the needle and this darling bathing beauty just begged to be colored, so I set some time aside today to make this fun little card.

Isn't she sweet?

I wish I had had some Our Daily Bread Designs water images, but sadly, I don't...yet.   So instead, I used this free digi from Free Dearie Doll Digis (see link at bottom of post or click on name).

This card is for the Our Daily Bread Designs June Challenge using water.  You can find the blog post about it HERE.   Our Daily Bread Designs is so generous and helps ship boxes each month based on the number of participants in their challenges.  Last month, enough cardmakers participated that OBD shipped two boxes for Operation Write Home!  Woohoo!

About the Card:  The solid colored papers are Bazzill.  The patterned paper is actually some scrap paper I had from TPC Studio called So Delish.  The image was colored using regular colored pencils (and oil).    I struggled with placing the image so went to the trusty OWH Sketches and chose sketch number 56 (since it matched my image size).

Thanks so much for stopping by!  I hope this inspires you to create something fun this weekend.  Now, back to the patches.


P.S.  Am also using this for a June OWH Mid-Week Throwdown that incorporates "water" into the card.

To visit Free Dearie Doll Digis and get your own Dearie Dolls, click HERE
To visit OWH Stars and Stamps blog, click HERE
To see the OWH Sketches, click HERE
To visit Our Daily Bread Designs website, click HERE

Monday, June 24, 2013

Kisses for Daddy Father's Day Card

Good morning!  :)   I hope you all had a wonderful weekend.  Ours was a lot busy and at times a bit stormy, but it was all good.  Though I do confess that I'm thankful for a "normal" pace today.  I did not get to blog about one last Father's Day card last week, so bear with me as I clear that off the to-do list.

Sentiment and image courtesy of Beary Wishes

The digi image and sentiment were both free (at time of this posting, they still are) from Kathie over at Beary Wishes.  It was too darling not too create for a daddy from his girl (even though I'm not so little anymore, lol).  Before I get carried away, big T-H-A-N-K-S to Kathie for creating this darling set and for her generosity!   :)

The base for the card (and layers) is one I had prepared from a Technique Tuesday (for Operation Write Home) on 6x6 pads.  (I have a stack here I need to finish up and post so I can mail them in one day--hopefully--soon.)

The base is Bazzill Licorice and the patterned papers are from Authentique.  I need to look up the name of the collection, but it's the one I've been using a LOT of lately.  :)  As soon as I do, will edit this post to share it.

The ribbon is simple grosgrain and the flower is from Jolees.

It was very late, so I smudged some on the oil/gray shadow with that little paper pencil nubby (yeah, technical term, lol) and not enough on other areas, but dad thought it was great and that's what matters most.

If you'd like to visit Beary Wishes to see if this digi set is still free, click HERE!

Be sure to tell Kathie I sent you and I would love to see what you do with the image.  Please link here in the comments if you create a card with this sweet girl so I can check out  your card!  :)

Until later, happy crafting!

Tuesday, June 18, 2013

A '90s Kind of Father's Day for Hubby

I remember the moment like it was yesterday...  (cue the flashback music)
Mr. Z strolled into the livingroom.  His eyes brimmed with mirth and his lips barely contained a chuckle as he caught my attention. 
"I'm a '90s kind of guy." 
I blinked.  So many thoughts tumbled through my brain as I tried to reconcile his statement with the man standing before me.  Oh, he could be sentimental and tender when he wanted, but no one who knew him would place him anywhere near the category of '90's male.  It didn't make sense.  I was bewildered and he knew it. 
His smile grew wider. 
"You?  Really?" 
He patted his puffed-up chest.  His smiled turned sly and then he delivered his punchline.    
"An 1890's kind of guy."
We both laughed for a good five minutes.  Life was good and everything made sense once more.
I had almost forgotten that little memory until this weekend.

You see, the digital stamp I ordered to make a card for Mr. Z did not download!  Panicked since Father's Day was a mere few hours away, I went through the files I had already saved.

Sentiment courtesy of Desert Diva - Hannelie
Digi Stamp image courtesy of Free Vintage Digi Stamps

When I saw those handlebar moustaches, I just knew I had to find the perfect vintage image to make a card fit for my 1890s hubby!

The solid cardstock layers are Bazzill and the patterned cardstock is some I had on hand (will try to find out who makes it because it was nice and thick).

The sentiment comes from Desert Diva - Hannelie.  You can visit her blog by clicking HERE.  The words bitmapped a bit when I shrank it down.  I could have played with it a bit more, so it could have been "operator error" that caused the issue.  I also should have made it a pennant cut to match the brown, but as I said, was in panic mode!  This sentiment was a freebie with other fun versions of "happy father's day" in the set!

The vintage image comes from Free Vintage Digi Stamps and you can visit that site by clicking HERE.   Since the image was so detailed and busy I did not want to color the whole scene.  Instead I focused on the people, the chairs and just a bit of the walls behind the table (to tie it into the brown on the card).

Mr. Z loved it!  Especially when I reminded him why I made this particular card and we laughed again over this precious memory.

Happy Creating!

Let Me Repeat ~ I love my mom! (OHW BOOT CAMP)

During the summer months Operation Write Home holds a card-making Boot Camp.  I missed out on the first challenge due to schedule and, honestly, hadn't planned on participating in this one quite yet.  Alas, the blog post must have been simmering in the back of my brain though, because the card below just seems to fit.

The theme for the June is Using Repetition in Design.  If you want to hop straight to the blog post with the information on how to use this or see some great cards using repetition, be sure to click HERE.

Anyway, my mother sent a card and it made me smile so much I wanted to make one for her to return the favor.  (Psst! There's another friend or two who need to keep an eye on their mailbox in the upcoming week or two.)  Here's a peek at the card I made for mom --

Digi stamp courtesy of Dearie Dolls Digis

I don't know if you can see it, but the pink paper is an embossed Bazzill paper.  It has sweet dots all over it.  (I'm a sucker for the dot!)  The black paper with white dots is some scrap paper I had on hand.  Looking at the card now, I probably should have added a narrow black layer beneath the image to make it pop more, but it still works.  :)

For this particular boot camp challenge, my theme was obviously circles/dots.  The rosettes on her dress and bow carry through the circle/dot theme, just a little larger than the embossed dots.  Even her hair/face fall into a "circle" category, rounded as the style is.  I considered making the image smaller and putting it in a circle, but it was just a little too much, so left it in an oval with scallops.  It still has the "rounded/circular" feel to it.  The ribbon ties in with the little banner she's holding.

OH!  The dots around the edge of the pink layer were actually black marker but I couldn't find my plain organza ribbon, only the sparkly edged one.  So, out came the Stickles to bling the image up and make it match!  The color Stickles used is "crystal".  I also added just a dab of Stickles to the center of each rosette on her little dress and bow.

And I want to give a HUGE SHOUT OUT to Dearie Dolls Digi Stamps!  Mary Ellen's blog is one of my favorite for digi stamps (now that I've discovered them) and the best part is how generous she is!   This image is one of the many, many, many, free digi stamps Mary Ellen offers on her blog.    She has a new blog featuring her latest work and I'm not sure if she'll transfer older images or not, so am also sharing the link to her older blog so you can check out all of her so-sweet dearie dolls.

To get to the new blog, Free Dearie Doll Digi Stamps, click HERE!

To get to her older blog which has this image, Dearie Dolls Digis, click HERE!

Make sure you leave a comment and let her know I sent you and be sure to check out her super sweet summer digis (ouch, my tongue is twisted).

Happy Creating!

Friday, June 7, 2013

Freebie Friday ~ Patriotic Digi Stamp Alert!

My fellow stampers...

If you haven't tried digital stamps before now, this is a great opportunity to do so.  :)  I was hesitant at first too, but am glad I did.  I absolutely love that I can adjust the stamp size to suit what I need.

Don't get me wrong, I'm still a die-hard rubber stamper, and love the inks and all that stuff, but these are loads of fun too.

Dearie Dolls has some really cute digi stamps and the two I'm sharing with you today were put on the blog over Memorial Day weekend (I believe).  These would make darling additions to your digital stamp collection to have on hand for those Operation Write Home AnyHero cards!


First up is a sweet little girl carrying a flag. 


Second is a handsome little saluting guy in flag shirt and wearing a camo hat.  

Both images have a colored version and a b/w version available to download.  Both images are free, just make sure you follow her directions and read her terms of use!

While you are there, be sure to check out her other freebies on the blog and see what she's up to.  Be sure to tell her I sent you!

You can get to the main page of Dearie Doll's Free Digi Stamp Blog by clicking HERE.


Freebie Friday ~ "Dad" Printables

Just in time for Father's  Day...

I visited one of my favorite freebie sites today and came across these wonderful printables that were just too good to keep to myself (thanks, Free Digital Stamps for these and the multitude you put up daily!).


There is a darling little "DAD" tie pennant banner (and also printable for matching card) at Hubby Made Me Blog, which she shared last year (along with a matching mug she created).

The card would be perfect if you don't have time to make a banner or card.  Or better yet, print two sets of the pennants and use one set to make your own card.  :)

These files are pdf form and do require Adobe reader, but she kindly provides a link to make sure your Adobe reader is the latest version.

To go directly to the page with the pennant printables, click HERE!


Next, if you're into more decorative "art" than a card and pennant, Craft Gossip has a free printable subway art-styled poster you can print and frame.  It was created by Eighteen25 and comes in two sizes (16"x20" or 8"x10")

To go directly to the page with subway art printables, click HERE!


Hope you have fun with these.  Would love to hear how you used them!  :)

Happy Creating,

Thursday, June 6, 2013

Throwback Thursday ~ Pennant Banner

There are so many old projects that I never had a chance to get up here and so I'm hoping to do at least one a week and call it Throwback Thursday.

This is a more recent project that I created for the Project Pink conference.  The theme for 2013 was Believe and the person wanted a shabby chic feel to it all.  

It's a very easy project if you'd like to tackle it yourself!  NOTE:  It does take a somewhat steady hand and patience because you have to go over it a few times and wait for it to dry in between.  It does not have to be perfect, those little "mistakes" can add to the charm.  Do recommend that on your first try you use letters that aren't so "busy".

Maybe I'll make a tutorial one day but for now, here's how it came about.

Items needed:
 ~ Burlap (from a 6"x5yd roll, you will not use it all)
 ~ template to cut the pennant pieces (I didn't use one but you can print one from the internet if you're not comfortable making your own)
 ~ letters (I sized my letters in Word and printed them out)
 ~ Acrylic Paint (You won't need an entire bottle)
 ~ Fine point paint brush (like an artist's brush)
 ~ Jute
 ~ Other items:  glue gun/glue sticks, waxed paper, light box (I have one but there are instructions online to DIY one if you don't have one)

1)  Cut the burlap pennants.
2)  Create, size and print out the letters/numbers/symbols you will need.
3)  Set the letter on the light box, cover with a piece of waxed paper then lay burlap pennant on top.
4)  Dip your fine point brush into the paint and then very lightly go over the letter, trying to fill in the spaces you see in black.
5) Set aside and let it dry a bit, do the other letters.

NOTE:  It doesn't take long for this to dry, especially in the beginning stages when there isn't much paint.  For example, by the second pass, I could start it almost immediately after I finished the other letters.  By the fourth stage though, I needed to wait 15 minutes after finishing the last letter otherwise the new paint pulled up the wet paint and I was set back a stage.

6)  Repeat steps 4 and 5 until satisfied with the look.   

TIP:  A great way to keep paint from drying out in small dish--as well as your paintbrush--is to cover it with aluminum foil in between drying periods.  It keeps the paint moist so you don't have to repeatedly get new brushes or new paint.  

NOTE: Each pass (time you go over with the paint) will create a more "filled" in look.  That's why I did not give you a specific number.  Some people prefer less and some like a more "solid" look.  

7)  Once each pennant is dry, simply glue the top of the burlap pennant to the jute line.  It does help to lay them out first in a rough manner and measure spaces between them so you can make sure you don't have a wonky-spaced pennant!

8)  ENJOY!

This particular banner used seven passes with the paint.  By the seventh pass I was simply filling in the "holes" that were left behind in other passes.

And just for fun, here's a pic of me and my mom at the conference.  

Isn't she lovely?   I have to tell you, I am blessed with a creative family and am very grateful for all of those years watching my mom DIY around the house.  She made the house a home with her creativity and passed it on so that I could bless others too!  Not to mention, don't know what I'd do without her.  Aside from my husband, she's my best cheerleader and one of the first to always lend a hand when I need it.  She's the best!   

Hope you enjoyed the throwback!  Look for more in the upcoming weeks!

Happy Creating!

Monday, June 3, 2013

OWH Sunday Sketch Challenge #175

Good morning!  I didn't get this up yesterday, but managed to complete the Sunday Sketch Challenge on Sunday.   Woot, woot!

This Operation Write Home sketch challenge blog post can be found HERE.  I encourage you to go read it and click the internal link to read about the wonderful OWH cardmaker who has left such a wonderful legacy and touched so many lives.

Here's this week's sketch:

It's a fairly straight-forward sketch, making it really great for you beginners out there, or even those long-timers who have just run out of ideas!  :)

Thursday night on OWHtv (Episode #102, I believe), Sandy did a very helpful (sweet'n'simple) instructional on using patterned papers together, not exactly a strength of mine so I decided to work on that during this challenge.  Since I had so many papers included, my card does not have a sentiment.  Didn't want to make it too busy.

Plain cardstock:  Bazzill Sour Lemon and Bazzill Licorice Twist
Patterned cardstock:  Authentique - Renew collection
Misc.: Grosgrain ribbon, jolees 3-d sticker

What a fun way to start the week!   I hope you participated and if not, there is still time.  Get off the computer and into the craft room and make some beautiful cards with the sketch!

Happy Crafting!