Tuesday, June 18, 2013

A '90s Kind of Father's Day for Hubby

I remember the moment like it was yesterday...  (cue the flashback music)
Mr. Z strolled into the livingroom.  His eyes brimmed with mirth and his lips barely contained a chuckle as he caught my attention. 
"I'm a '90s kind of guy." 
I blinked.  So many thoughts tumbled through my brain as I tried to reconcile his statement with the man standing before me.  Oh, he could be sentimental and tender when he wanted, but no one who knew him would place him anywhere near the category of '90's male.  It didn't make sense.  I was bewildered and he knew it. 
His smile grew wider. 
"You?  Really?" 
He patted his puffed-up chest.  His smiled turned sly and then he delivered his punchline.    
"An 1890's kind of guy."
We both laughed for a good five minutes.  Life was good and everything made sense once more.
I had almost forgotten that little memory until this weekend.

You see, the digital stamp I ordered to make a card for Mr. Z did not download!  Panicked since Father's Day was a mere few hours away, I went through the files I had already saved.

Sentiment courtesy of Desert Diva - Hannelie
Digi Stamp image courtesy of Free Vintage Digi Stamps

When I saw those handlebar moustaches, I just knew I had to find the perfect vintage image to make a card fit for my 1890s hubby!

The solid cardstock layers are Bazzill and the patterned cardstock is some I had on hand (will try to find out who makes it because it was nice and thick).

The sentiment comes from Desert Diva - Hannelie.  You can visit her blog by clicking HERE.  The words bitmapped a bit when I shrank it down.  I could have played with it a bit more, so it could have been "operator error" that caused the issue.  I also should have made it a pennant cut to match the brown, but as I said, was in panic mode!  This sentiment was a freebie with other fun versions of "happy father's day" in the set!

The vintage image comes from Free Vintage Digi Stamps and you can visit that site by clicking HERE.   Since the image was so detailed and busy I did not want to color the whole scene.  Instead I focused on the people, the chairs and just a bit of the walls behind the table (to tie it into the brown on the card).

Mr. Z loved it!  Especially when I reminded him why I made this particular card and we laughed again over this precious memory.

Happy Creating!

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  1. Tamara it is so rewarding to see what my blog friends create with my sentiments!
    This looks FAB!
    Thanks so much for the link... and for taking time to let me know!
    I appreciate it so much!