Thursday, June 6, 2013

Throwback Thursday ~ Pennant Banner

There are so many old projects that I never had a chance to get up here and so I'm hoping to do at least one a week and call it Throwback Thursday.

This is a more recent project that I created for the Project Pink conference.  The theme for 2013 was Believe and the person wanted a shabby chic feel to it all.  

It's a very easy project if you'd like to tackle it yourself!  NOTE:  It does take a somewhat steady hand and patience because you have to go over it a few times and wait for it to dry in between.  It does not have to be perfect, those little "mistakes" can add to the charm.  Do recommend that on your first try you use letters that aren't so "busy".

Maybe I'll make a tutorial one day but for now, here's how it came about.

Items needed:
 ~ Burlap (from a 6"x5yd roll, you will not use it all)
 ~ template to cut the pennant pieces (I didn't use one but you can print one from the internet if you're not comfortable making your own)
 ~ letters (I sized my letters in Word and printed them out)
 ~ Acrylic Paint (You won't need an entire bottle)
 ~ Fine point paint brush (like an artist's brush)
 ~ Jute
 ~ Other items:  glue gun/glue sticks, waxed paper, light box (I have one but there are instructions online to DIY one if you don't have one)

1)  Cut the burlap pennants.
2)  Create, size and print out the letters/numbers/symbols you will need.
3)  Set the letter on the light box, cover with a piece of waxed paper then lay burlap pennant on top.
4)  Dip your fine point brush into the paint and then very lightly go over the letter, trying to fill in the spaces you see in black.
5) Set aside and let it dry a bit, do the other letters.

NOTE:  It doesn't take long for this to dry, especially in the beginning stages when there isn't much paint.  For example, by the second pass, I could start it almost immediately after I finished the other letters.  By the fourth stage though, I needed to wait 15 minutes after finishing the last letter otherwise the new paint pulled up the wet paint and I was set back a stage.

6)  Repeat steps 4 and 5 until satisfied with the look.   

TIP:  A great way to keep paint from drying out in small dish--as well as your paintbrush--is to cover it with aluminum foil in between drying periods.  It keeps the paint moist so you don't have to repeatedly get new brushes or new paint.  

NOTE: Each pass (time you go over with the paint) will create a more "filled" in look.  That's why I did not give you a specific number.  Some people prefer less and some like a more "solid" look.  

7)  Once each pennant is dry, simply glue the top of the burlap pennant to the jute line.  It does help to lay them out first in a rough manner and measure spaces between them so you can make sure you don't have a wonky-spaced pennant!

8)  ENJOY!

This particular banner used seven passes with the paint.  By the seventh pass I was simply filling in the "holes" that were left behind in other passes.

And just for fun, here's a pic of me and my mom at the conference.  

Isn't she lovely?   I have to tell you, I am blessed with a creative family and am very grateful for all of those years watching my mom DIY around the house.  She made the house a home with her creativity and passed it on so that I could bless others too!  Not to mention, don't know what I'd do without her.  Aside from my husband, she's my best cheerleader and one of the first to always lend a hand when I need it.  She's the best!   

Hope you enjoyed the throwback!  Look for more in the upcoming weeks!

Happy Creating!

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