Wednesday, February 15, 2012

SS's Puppy Dog Earflap Hat

A friend of mine is getting ready to give birth to her newest blessing. She knows she's having a boy and so our mom's group at the church had a mini shower for her. While I was not able to attend that meeting/shower, I did send a gift I made.

Here's a "hurried" photo I made of the hat. Please forgive the unclear-ness of the pic, I was rushed, trying to make sure I could snap a pic of it before it went out the door. :)

This pattern is called Puppy Dog Hat Pattern and is sold by Sweet Kiwi Crochet. (You can find her blog HERE.) The pattern cost $3.99 and I'm not sure if she sells them off her blog or not, but you could email her if you aren't sure.

I have to admit, I already have an earflap hat pattern that I really like and it is my go-to hat, so I debated on the wisdom of purchasing another earflap hat pattern. This pattern is different from the other and gives a different look to the base hat itself. I really like that. And it's easy to do. So, now I have two earflap hats that I enjoy working on.

But back to this project. My friend really likes green and though she is having a boy, I thought the green with browns would be so much better for her (I told her that when we chatted this past weekend and she said the green was her choice! LOL).

For this particular hat I used Caron Simply Soft yarn for all of the project. The colors used were Bone (for the hat base and braids), Chocolate (for eyes, nose, ears, hat trim and braids) and Sage (for spot and braids).

I think it took about 3-4 hours start to finish, but that's because my sewing skills are not the strongest and attaching the little parts takes me a while. The actual crochet work probably only took 1-2 hours.

This particular hat was "newborn" size, but the pattern comes with sizes from newborn to 4+ years of age.

Enjoy and Happy Crafting,

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