Tuesday, January 11, 2011

S~N~O~W Day!

Officer Safety and the children are all tucked in their beds, the snow is gently falling outside and here I sit, unable to sleep. What a great time to blog!

Today will be a snow day and with hubby home I don't expect to get much accomplished even though my to-do list is as long as my arm. Maybe it's the SAH/Homeschooling Mommy in me, but when Daddy is home I just want to spend time with him.

That said, I'd like to work on some projects leftover from 2010 and also see if I can find the beige yarn I just know I purchased, though it could have been a dream--yes, I dream of yarn. Anyway, I'm in middle of working a really beautiful granny square but a) I need to rewrite the pattern to understand and b) need the beige yarn to finish it.

Until I can get to it though, here's a darling little crocheted flower I whipped up this weekend to attach to my dd's earwarmer. You can find the pattern at SkaMama's Bone Hook. It is layered and uses picot on one of the layers, adding some neat texture with the flower. My dd liked that the white layer is striped through the center of the black flower (I did too!).

This particular flower had a boo-boo that I think I like--the white flower has six petals (it was only supposed to have five). I used Caron SS yarn for both shades (off white and black) and a size "G" hook. I'd say it's about 3" in diameter (petal tip to petal tip).

I have another one in peach that I hope to get up for you this week (along with the necklace it was created for).

Well, maybe should try to get a nap in before they all wake up. Enjoy your day and don't forget to CRAFT ON!

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