Wednesday, January 18, 2012

Sock Rose Bouquet

Okay, before I show the final product you are probably wondering why in the world I would make a sock-rose bouquet for my MIL for Christmas.

Each year her grandchildren want to make or buy her something. This year she asked that if they wanted to do that, they get her a pair of socks (because her teenage granddaughters like to "borrow" when they are over there and she was sadly depleted of socks). Her only stipulations were "no knee-highs" and that they could only give her a package if it was from the entire group. So, needless to say, the kids went crazy! She now has a very colorful and interesting sock wardrobe. Everything from purple with flowers to see-through with neon polka-dots! My mom even got in on the act by putting some socks into a paper towel tube and writing "tube socks" on it before wrapping it up. LOL

I got to thinking that if she wanted a fighting chance of hanging onto some socks, we better get her some "plain jane" socks to wear, but how boring. There were six adults so I thought, 2 socks (1 pair) per person would be twelve socks--an even dozen to make some roses. At one point I thought I'd pinned a Pinterest pin for the sock roses but couldn't find it and went on a swagbucks hunt to find some and came across this web site/page:

The "vase" I picked up at Dollar Tree. They didn't have greenery that I liked to fill it out but thankfully Michael's was having a 70% off Christmas stems. While not "greenery" per se, the bright reds and greens fit in with the holiday so I thought in for a penny...

It was an interesting experiment, for sure. And while they don't look exactly like rosebuds, they came out fairly nice, and she liked it which is the most important thing!

Here is the final result:

The only problem now? She says she doesn't/won't undo the socks to wear them! Granted, she might change her mind once August rolls around and all of her fancy socks have been "borrowed" into never-to-be-seen-again land! Haha.

Have a creative day!

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